Door opening/closing frequency:Once every 20-40minutes

Application: For general mounting factory


1-Ultra-powerful quick dehumidification dry unit
2-Digital hygrometer with large display panel
3-1MΩ ground terminal
4-Shelf board load: 100 kg
5-Wide space without central column support

Made-to-order product

An N2 gas socket can be attached.

Note: The specifications are subject to minor change for improvement of the product.
Item/type DXU-501A DXU-1001A DXU-1002A
Humidity controller Automatic adjustment with dial
Outside dimensions (mm) W600×D700×H1850 W1200×D700×H1850
Inside dimensions (mm) W550×D600×H1610 W1150×D600×H1610
Capacity (liter) Apprx. 600 Apprx. 1200
Dehumidifier unit US-5000F US-5000F×2
Material of body Higt-grade steel construction with ESD-safe and Anti corosion coating
Door (with magnet) 3 glass doors 6 glass doors 4 glass doors
Product weight 110kg 200kg 180kg
Power AC220V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 28W/h(MAX350W) 56W/h(MAX700W)
Accessories 5 shelf boards, key, hygrometer, caster (with stopper), and ground terminal

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